We offer


We are there for you, if you…

  • Work in prostitution and have questions.
  • Have in any way been affected by human trafficking or know people who are.
  • Have worked in prostitution and want to talk about it now.
  • Are a sex worker looking for another occupation.
  • Have never been in prostitution, but feel threatened and see no other alternative for your future.


What does our help look like?

  • We offer individual advice and support – as individual as every life story.
  • That might mean: we accompany you and translate at official appointments and doctor’s visits, we can help you look for a flat and/or job, we offer advice on your right to stay in Austria, we help with applications for financial and other support and we refer you to other organizations when necessary.
  • We are ready to listen in good times and bad.
  • We accompany you if you are coming to terms with your past and we offer pastoral support if you would like that.


Please contact us: 


TreffPunkt (Meeting place)
Every Thursday 2 – 6 pm
(except on National Holidays)
Beheimgasse 1, 1170 Vienna
(close to U6 Alserstraße)


How we work:

Heart Factory’s work consists mainly of street work and social work. Two further branches have developed out of this initial focus called S.O.N and SET.

S.O.N stands for “Sisters of Nigeria”.

SET (Self Empowerment Training) is for women who have been in prostitution.